Erskine Real Estate

The Role of an Attorney in Real Estate Transactions-Your attorney is an invaluable source throughout the real estate sale and purchase. We recommend that all sellers and buyers have attorney representation.  The duties of an attorney may include looking over the offer, preparing and negotiating the Purchase and Sale agreement, performing a title search, acquiring title insurance, reviewing condo documents, inspecting the deed for defects, working with the lender, brokers and cooperating attorneys, conducting the actual closing, disbursing funds and filing a new deed.


Home Inspections-We recommended that all buyers have a home inspections performed by a licensed MA home inspector.  For more information, please click here.

Smoke and CO Detector Inspections-Massachusetts requires the inspection of smoke and CO detectors upon transfer of all properties.  In most situations, the seller is responsible for this inspection. Click here for specific requirements.

Title V- Private septic systems need to be in compliance with Title V regulations at the time of sale.  Click here for specific requirements.